NewsFall Schedule for Monday Lunch Group, noon to 1:30, on campus

Monday Lunch Group will meet for an hour long program with 12 to 12:30 conversation and lunch. We will start the focus of our day at 12:30 and plan to be finished by 1:30. Those who want to stay and visit longer will do so, but the person leading for the day will arrange for an hour.

During the month of October the group will meet on campus – outside in nice weather and in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall for inclement weather.

We plan to be taking praying as a group and the power that affords, very seriously. Each presenter will lead us as they are inspired to do.

Fall Schedule

Oct. 3: Geraldine Bryan will revisit the inspiration for Monday Lunch Group and review some of the history and purpose and prayer nature of the group.
Oct. 10: Sharon Hope will bring her cello and talk about music and spirituality.
Oct. 17: Robert Parrish has offered to share some ideas about being disabled and the spiritual connection that provides.
Oct. 24: Kathy Widenhouse will bring a short story and share insights into the genre.
Oct. 31: Pastor Śānti Matthews will lead us in All Souls Day and its relationship to Halloween and the spiritual implications.
Nov. 7: Pastor Lacey Brown will lead us in thinking about Grief and Gratitude
Nov. 14: We will continue with Grief and Gratitude.
Nov. 21: Ginger Allen will share with us her study and fascination with Mary Magdalene.
Nov. 28: A time of healing prayer and introduction to Advent with Ann Retzer leading

If you would like to receive reminders and supplementary resources for each week’s program, ask Lavon Page to add you to the Monday Lunch Group email list.