NewsA youth on a hammock talks to a friend at the Middle School Hammock event

What are CUCC’s youth doing this summer?

Youth Sunday School meets three Sundays a month on Zoom:

  • 2nd Sundays at 2PM we share fellowship with Umstead Park UCC.
  • 3rd Sundays at 2PM is our monthly ice cream trip and a good time for our own group to connect and check-in.
  • The last Sunday of the month at 5-6:30PM, we gather on the grounds at Community UCC for an activity.
  • (1st Sunday of each month we take off as a way of practicing sabbath.)

CUCC’s youth are a welcoming community of equality and grace and embrace all ways of thinking about the Holy. We value authenticity and the knowledge that we are (each one of us) beloved. We practice demonstrating God’s love and being open to receive it. We acknowledge and own our responsibility to minister to others in our church family and beyond. We help one another to both celebrate the joys and cope with the challenges that life brings. We strive to love all our neighbors and to care for all of creation.

For more information about our youth programming, traditions, or safe church policies, please contact Śānti Matthews, Youth and Adult Education Coordinator, at