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In Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Śānti explored the UCC’s motto “that they may all be one” in the context of the events of recent weeks.

Joe Clark, Sr.Did you know that in our narthex is a carving of the UCC symbol, commissioned in honor of a member who frequently brought the events of the week into worship?  The wooden panel was purchased in Joe Clark, Sr.’s memory by many friends under the leadership of long-time friend Helen Brown. The panel was created by local artist L. Harkins.

Joe Clark had been a professor of English at NCSU who was known for beginning prayers during Joys and Concerns with “According to the New York Times….” His collection of folk material was given to the university library. Joe held nearly every office there was at United Church (one of our predecessor congregations) and Community UCC, from Sunday School Superintendent to Pastoral Search Committee Chair. He helped us order furniture for the church and chaired Building and Grounds.

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Listen to Pastor Santi’s words in this video: