Music, sung and instrumental, enriches our worship and times of friendship.

At Taizé – still on Zoom – Lavon Page finds or creates music videos for listening and chanting. 

At 10:30 worship, music is live.  Music leaders will sing the hymns; those online can sing along and those on campus will “sing” in their hearts.

The CUCC Band provides music once a month using the New Bluegrass Hymnal.  Pick up instrumentalists join a core ensemble of guitars and violin.  Bring your instrument or add your voice.   Contact Anne Moorman-Smith for their next practice date.  

Our congregation is rich with vocal and instrumental soloists and small vocal groups, too.  Our worship is enhanced by the talents of members of all ages. Talk to Doug Barrick to offer your musical gifts for worship.

Each age group – children, youth, and adult – has a choir and, on special Sundays, they form a mass choir.  The Susie Allen Chancel Choir performs traditional church music during 10:30 worship at least twice each month. About twice annually the choir provides the sermon through a cantata or music with a special theme. The Youth Choir provides music several times during the year.  Talk to Chelsea Huber to find out about the next project.  The Children’s Sunday School Choir (on hiatus) sings joyful songs about God’s love about four times a year.  They practice with Miss Anne and Mr. Monty during Sunday School.  

We know that many of you can really sing out when you want to.  Our choirs welcome any and all closet and shower singers.  Our choir directors have the skills to teach any and all to sing.

CUCC Band accompanies the Chancel choir at worship
Youth choir sings at worship

Would you like to offer your musical talents?