DevotionalNewsMy Creation Justice Covenant by Beth Allison-Moon

During Lent, our focus is Creation Justice.  The Creation Justice 101 educational series will focus on what we have done as a church and the possibilities of what we could do in the future to keep contributing to the wellbeing of our planet. We will be invited to write our own creation justice covenants which will inform a draft congregational creation justice covenant for CUCC’s consideration.

During worship, several CUCC members will share their creation justice covenant for our inspiration.  View Beth Allison-Moon’s Creation Justice Covenant here or read it below.

Creation Justice Covenant

Beth Allison-Moon

During my professional career, I worked for a facility serving people with developmental disabilities as well as Vocational Rehab.

I can remember hours spent in meetings discussing challenges of individuals.  But, at the end of the day, we had not discussed what was important to the person.  Who were they?  What their favorite things were in life?

I particularly remember someone who loved to eat his dessert first.  Everyone wanted to choose when he should eat his dessert.  Now, let us be truthful with ourselves…have you ever eaten cookies, doughnuts, brownies, potato chips….whatever your choice…before a meal???

All that is said to say that our challenges in life do not define us. Our loves, passions, preferences are what make us who we are.

I, Beth Allison-Moon, am a potato chip, soft drink loving person.  I enjoy cooking and showing my love for others by sharing that passion.  I have a love for old movies of the 40’s and 50’s, particularly those known as Film Noir.  I love to play board games and card games.  I love reading and searching for new recipes.  That is what I want people to know and love about me.

I do not  want to be defined by my stiff joints, bad eye sight, taking tons of medicine, constant Dr’s appointments  and the fact that my wife says I drive like a grandma.

We should all be valued as the human beings we are.  The commonalities we share.  The passions that drive us.  The love that we must share…

God loves us all, including our challenges.