DevotionalNewsMy Creation Justice Covenant by Phil Kaveler

During Lent, our focus is Creation Justice.  The Creation Justice 101 educational series will focus on what we have done as a church and the possibilities of what we could do in the future to keep contributing to the wellbeing of our planet. We will be invited to write our own creation justice covenants which will inform a draft congregational creation justice covenant for CUCC’s consideration.

During worship, several CUCC members will share their creation justice covenant for our inspiration.  View Phil Kaveler’s Creation Care Commitment Statement here or read it below.

Creation Justice Covenant

Phil Kaveler

From the beginning, God entrusted me as a steward of God’s creation. In fashioning me in God’s image, God bestowed upon me the responsibility to tend to creation as God would: with love and a respect for the needs of all living things. I affirm that Creation Justice is a core commitment of the Christian faith.

I commit to become more caring about my impact on the environment by working to nurture an understanding of my Biblical and moral responsibility to care for the Earth, as well as continually educate myself about local and global threats to the health of the Earth and its diversity of life.

With an awareness of how the abuses of creation inevitably cause human suffering and how factors of race, class and global inequality inevitably cause some to suffer more than others, I recognize my responsibility toward lifestyle and systemic changes in society at every level that will promote a more ecologically just world, and a better quality of life for all creation.

I commit to the biblical principles of taking only what I need.

I will work to heal the harm that has been done to the Earth by helping to improve and sustain the health of the land, air and water for the benefit of all current and future inhabitants of this Planet.

I commit to living out this Covenant by striving to be a doer of the Word, not a hearer only; and to labor for the progress of knowledge, the promotion of justice, and the reign of peace.