DevotionalNewsMy Creation Justice Covenant by Roger Manus

During Lent, our focus is Creation Justice.  The Creation Justice 101 educational series will focus on what we have done as a church and the possibilities of what we could do in the future to keep contributing to the wellbeing of our planet. We will be invited to write our own creation justice covenants which will inform a draft congregational creation justice covenant for CUCC’s consideration.

During worship, several CUCC members will share their creation justice covenant for our inspiration.  View Roger Manus’s Creation Care Commitment Statement here or read it below.

Creation Care Commitment Statement

Roger Manus

I affirm
That God is in all of creation,
That all of life is connected through God,
That all people everywhere are our neighbors, with special recognition for the most vulnerable,
That we all have responsibility for each other and for the care of creation,
That God does not call on us to be merely comfortable.

I confess that I frequently think and act as though these things are not true, contributing to the human abuse of nature and the suffering of people and animals.

Therefore, I commit, with God’s help,
To listen and strive for ongoing unitive consciousness,
To open myself more fully to awe, gratitude and cherishing for all aspects of creation,
To question my assumptions and use my imagination about how to think and live as part of creation,
To educate myself and others about creation care, while avoiding the paralysis of analysis,
To move more quickly toward a lifestyle consistent with the needs of the Earth and encourage others and especially institutions to do the same,
To work with others to advocate for government and corporate policies and systems change that support the Earth and seek justice for those most at risk,
To ally myself in a constructive way with those most at risk,
To walk humbly, look with compassion and experience vulnerability,
while acting and speaking creatively and prophetically for the Earth,
To act with the faith of one who plants seeds,
To take risks and go well beyond my comfort zone,
To strive to be God’s hands and feet,
To act with and support others and accept support in this work,
To seek redemption and create hope in the face of despair.
In these ways and more, to accept God’s call to love and care for God’s creation.