NewsTwo creators try different fabrics in the design or our pair of green banners

On Sunday, CUCC’s worship was enhanced by a pair of new banners created by a team of talented CUCC people.  This is the first of what we hope will be many new paraments (an ornamental ecclesiastical hanging or vestment) being created by a joint effort of CUCC’s Arts in Worship and Sacraments and Chancel Committees (both committees of the Deacons Ministry).

The two banners in the sanctuaryThe color green is the liturgical color for most Sundays of the year and was the inspiration for the design.  The banners were created to hang in different orientations. Fabric donated was by members.  Notice the blue green cloths coordinated for the pulpit and lectern.

We thank our creative green banner team:  Autumn, Carol K., Ellen, Jane, Kathy, Leah, Marty, Susan A, Susan H., Tami, Tim, and Trina.

If you would enjoy working on either the design or sewing end of future banners, contact Autumn Cobleland, chair of Sacraments and Chancel. Sometimes we spread out in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall, but there is also hand- or machine-work you can take home.  We also have precious older banners that could use some repairs.