NewsLearning to Walk in the Dark study will be Mondays at noon

Join the Monday Lunch Group as they discuss Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, Learning to Walk in the Dark beginning Monday, July 8. Pastor Lacey will lead the discussion. The book explores ways to live spiritually and authentically when one doesn’t have all the answers.

Purchase your own book; versions are available in paperback, audiobook, and eBook.

What is Monday Lunch Group?

Mondays, noon to 2PM, Vaughan Fellowship Hall

While there is generally a book or topic to focus our learning, the Monday Lunch Group is much more than a study group. We pray together for those on the congregation’s prayer list and delight in friendships built over time.

The Monday Lunch Group chooses a work of common interest to explore over a period of several weeks. Genres have included poetry, novels, spiritual writers, movies, and music. A weekly email keeps us informed of upcoming topics and supplemental resources discovered by participants during the week.

Ask Lavon Page, the Monday Lunch Group Communicator, to add you to the Monday Lunch Group email list for weekly readings and supplementary resources suggested by group members throughout the study series.