We have new leadership at CUCC and that means learning anew who does what.

Breeze* to the rescue!

How do I get in touch with our 2022 leaders? Check Breeze.

Step 1:  Go to the Useful documents section of your Breeze profile.  You can find the list of leaders in the 2022 Ministries and Committees.pdf  in either of 2 folders:  How we do things at CUCC OR Reports and Constitution & Bylaws.

Step 2:  After you have discovered who leads the group that interests you, look up their profile in the Breeze search box.  In their contact information, you will find their phone number and the email address they prefer to use for their volunteer work at CUCC (Email for Council business).

You said option 1.  What’s option 2?  Breeze Tags

Give us a couple of weeks to update the Breeze tags.  There you will be able to look up every ministry and committee for the full list of members.  Click on any name to find that person’s contact information.

Inquiring minds want to know:  Can’t I use the person’s personal email address?

You can, but you can be even more supportive of our leaders by using the address they request.  While some of our leaders are happy to share their personal email address, others prefer to use an official CUCC address for their volunteer work.  The official address allows them to keep all their CUCC correspondence in one place, and to transfer their email history to their successor.  Some of our leaders prefer not to share their personal address online.  CUCC is grateful to all of our leaders for their service and we want to support them in their work.  So take that extra minute to look up their preferred address; consider it your “thank you” to them.

*What’s Breeze?

Breeze is our password-protected online database.  If you are a member of CUCC, you may access Breeze online or through a phone app.  Find contact information for CUCC’s people.  Find information about your pledge and your donations (which only you can see).  Look for documents for our life together (policies, constitution and bylaws, reports, and docs for our congregational meetings).  And, of course, see who is leading us this year.  Don’t know how to access your Breeze account?  Contact the office at office.cucc@gmail.com, and Jeff will put you in touch with a Breeze helper.

For more information about any of this, contact Jane Smith, Communications Committee co-chair, at smithjeg@mindspring.com.