NewsVFH television

One of our goals highlighted in the visioning process is to continue to be a welcoming and accessible church. Technology updates not only keep us relevant and make our lives more effortless, but they also make it easier to see and hear one another when we are gathered together. Our communications team, along with the expertise and help of our Communications Manager, Jeff Cole, has two technology updates to share:

1. New TV in Vaughn Fellowship Hall
Our new 85-inch TV will make a significant difference when it comes to sharing information and making presentations at Congregational Meetings and other communal gatherings, like Monday Lunch Group. CUCC will now benefit from high-resolution images on display along with more volume. The TV was professionally mounted on the wall by RDU TV Mounting last week. The TV is connected to the WIFI and allows for wireless screen sharing. There is also a HDMI cable.

2. New Bluetooth speaker/microphone combo
CUCC now has a Bluetooth speaker/microphone for hybrid gatherings. The technology allows us to wirelessly connect to Zoom and enhance everyone’s ability to hear one another across platforms. The speaker was used at the September Council meeting. Five people joined by Zoom and the rest were in-person. The speaker made a noticeable difference in our ability to speak to one another and hear what was being said. The speaker is free for any committee to use when it’s available. Please contact Jeff Cole for more info.

The TV installation and new Bluetooth speaker/microphone were covered by our accessibility fund. We hope to make more updates to the sanctuary sound system in the near future. If you would like to donate money for this specific cause, please talk with Jeanne Ledbetter,