NewsOfrenda 2023

The walk through the CUCC Memorial Meditation Garden is intended to help us understand the complexity of transitions, the power of memory, and the celebration of life and death. It will also hopefully continue to link us to the experiences we had and the friends we met in Oaxaca Mexico while on our International Mission Trip in 2019.

Please visit our Memorial Meditation Garden anytime from October 23-November 22, and take your time journeying through the walkway. There will be places for you to remember, to pray, and to leave your own offerings for loved ones.  The walk is open from sunrise to sunset.

The photos you submit of loved ones who have died are printed, laminated and hung on the exterior sanctuary windows throughout the garden. Youth will re-hang all photos from previous years along with any new photos submitted. If you want to add someone’s photo, please take a picture of a printed photo or send a digital image via email to