NewsRemove the Pews book cover

The on-Zoom discussion of Rev. Donna Schaper’s book “Remove the Pews:  Spiritual Possibilities for Sacred Spaces”  is almost here. We will meet on Zoom Tuesday, July 19, 6:15 – 7:15PM.

You are invited to an “I wonder about how CUCC might better use our sacred spaces in today’s world” book conversation.  No, CUCC is not planning any big changes.  Instead, this is an opportunity to explore ideas, talk about what is important to each of us, and enjoy good company.  While Schaper addresses the book to churches who are struggling to afford their building, the underling questions work for CUCC:

How do we honor the beauty and memories of our sacred spaces while creating more beauty and new memories by the new ways we inhabit them?

How do we invite the community into our sacred spaces in ways that serve the community well?

How are our sacred spaces designed well for the ways people lived (and worshiped) in the past, but people have moved on and we haven’t?

How might “removing the pews,” both literally and metaphorically, free us for what God is doing now and in the future?

The plan is to read the book on our own, then gather for a one-time conversation.  Between now and July 19, read the entire book (only about 100 pages).   Then on July 19, we will meet at on Zoom to imagine together.  The book is available in paperback and Kindle; no audio book.  Contact Jane Smith if you plan to participate