Pastor Lacey is part of a UCC program for young clergy called the Next Generation Leadership Initiative (NGLI). The Pension Board program seeks to honor and challenge younger clergy who have accepted the high calling to parish ministry, who demonstrate significant potential, and who view parish ministry as a career path and are willing to make a long-term commitment to service in congregational settings of the United Church of Christ.

One of the gifts of the program is that they offer continuing education opportunities. Pastor Lacey will be participating in an online Zoom conference January 6-10 taught by Rev. Ann Michael, a UMC pastor who teaches at the Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. The conference will focus on the new frontier of digital ministry and Lacey looks forward to sharing her insights with CUCC.

If you have pastoral care needs while Pastor Lacey is at her conference, contact Paul Atkinson, chair of our deacons, ( or Śānti  Matthews, Youth and Adult Education Coordinator (