The CUCC Path Forward Team continues to meet regularly as we move into the fall.   The past few months have brought many changes to CUCC which has us excited and hopeful about where our opportunities for fellowship and care can be found.  We have successfully transitioned to a live streaming service platform, allowing us the opportunity to worship both in person and virtually, but always together in spirit.    We have shared bread at stewardship dinners through the month of October and have been able to bring the beautiful sound of (masked) singing back into our sanctuary.

As we look forward to the fall, we find ourselves hopeful for the ability of our younger church members to be safely vaccinated from Covid-19.  We continue to request that masks be worn indoors when on church campus to continue the effort to care for one another and stand in solidarity to fight off infections.  We continue to listen to, not only the science, but the comfort level of our congregation when planning slow changes in our time together.  Some changes the congregation can expect can be found below:

 -November: We will welcome back in-sanctuary communion.  This will be done with care and caution, offering people an opportunity to quickly pull down their masks to receive the body and blood of Christ before pulling the mask up to cover mouths and noses again.  As always, we will take this change slowly and will evaluate decisions based on science and the comfort of our congregation.

We welcome back singing to our in sanctuary congregation.  This will be done with masks in place while the congregation remains socially distanced in our pews.

-December:  As we look towards our season of Advent, please pay attention to announcements of an outdoor churchwide, intergenerational Christmas gathering as well as the return of our Christmas pageant.

As we look forward, we continue to create opportunities for fellowship and community that will allow us time together that is safe and fruitful.  The goal of the Path Forward Team remains to think critically and thoughtfully about accessible and spiritually fulfilling opportunities for all of our community.