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Thank you to all of the CUCC Players for a pageant that lifted our hearts and reminded us of that God comes to us as a child.  A special thank you to Anne Bailey Zschau, who in addition to being the Children’s Education Coordinator, is our stage manager, costume mistress, casting director, and sag wagon.

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  • Backstage, the cast gets into costume
  • Shepherds and donkeys prepare
  • The camel - all three parts - is in costume
  • A sheep and a cow prepare for their roles
  • Our littlest sheep receives encouragement from a pageant veteran
  • The heavenly choir of angels
  • The pageant begins as Pastor Śānti narrates
  • Jesus has things to say to a lamb feeding in the manger.
  • The ensemble sings Friendly Beasts
  • The shepherds sing
  • The flock sings
  • A lamb brings glad tidings
  • 3 wise ones bring gifts
  • As the pageant ends, the choir sings with great joy.
  • Elder cow exits
  • The dove exits
  •  A shepherd and angels exit
  • Angels and Joseph exit
  • Mary and Jesus exit
  • Gathered around the table, the cast celebrates a story well-told
  • Pretzels fuel a shepherd
  • Acting is thirsty work
  • Three cheers for Mrs. Anne Bailey!