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On Saturday, March 2, Community UCC was represented with enthusiasm at the Mass Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers Moral March and State House Assembly to Raleigh and to the Polls.  At least 24 of us stood with CUCC’s banners while more participated by livestream.  We were moved by testimony from poor people and low-wage workers about how current North Carolina policies and laws are preventing them from living healthy, thriving lives.  Research shows (read here) that over 800 people a day die in the US from long-term poverty, and we gathered to mourn and to re-commit ourselves to working diligently to make systemic changes – starting by voting at the state and local level!

As you see faces you know in the photos below, recommit yourself to the work you are doing

alongside our poor and low-wage friends and neighbors in NC.

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To be part of the 40 weeks of get out the vote work, talk with Jane Smith  or seek more information here.   The goal is to mobilize poor and low-wage workers to vote this November.  The Poor People’s Campaign is nonpartisan and does not campaign for specific candidates or parties.

CUCC’s Council voted for CUCC to be a Mobilizing Partner for the March 2 event and CUCC’s Do Justice Ministry leads our work with the Poor People’s Campaign.  For more information, contact chair Chris Heaney at