NewsPhoto AlbumsDusting away the spider webs from the windows

As you can see from the photos, volunteers had some fun while powering through a long “to do” list at this year’s final work day.  Roof were blown free of leaves, gutters cleaned and bushes trimmed into shape.  Bibles, envelopes and pencils returned to the sanctuary, and the Vaughan Fellowship Hall began a long-overdue transformation.  The trash enclosure wall panels were given a scrub and our ceiling light fixtures were cleaned of debris. A yard waste can of pinecones was picked up and the courtyard benches were power-washed and stained.  In the coming weeks, shelves will be installed in the VFH closet to make that space more usable.

While the spring 2022 work day is several months away, opportunities are always available for anyone who has time to take on a task, small or large.  Please contact Property Ministry Chairperson Merrilee Jacobson (919-274-4539) for more information.