NewsA very tall ladder is needed to adjust the spotlight above the pulpit

Despite the threat of windy, rainy weather, almost two dozen volunteers showed up for the spring work day to tackle projects large and small. Muscles were flexed and tall ladders climbed to address needs inside and out. Our group pulled weeds, swept away cobwebs, trimmed bushes and spread a trailer load of mulch. The roof was blown free of leaves and pine straw and the children’s playground was de-pine-coned. Two half pews were removed from the sanctuary to create space for arm chairs, and a new banner area was created. A very tall ladder was used to adjust a spotlight over the pulpit to better illuminate that area. The kitchen island was scrubbed from top to bottom, including the recycling cans, and the Project Room was reorganized to make supplies easy to find.

There are still projects available if you missed the fun. Contact Property Ministry Chairperson Merrilee Jacobson (919-274-4539) for more information or plan to join us on June 3, our next work day.