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An enthusiastic group of 20 volunteers tackled a long list of projects at the September church work day. A list of their accomplishments is below.

The final work day will be held on Saturday, November 13 or you can contact Property Ministry Chairperson Merrilee Jacobson anytime (919-274-4539) for a project to do on your own time. Thanks!

Hover over the photos to read light-hearted titles capturing the spirit of the day.

Look what we accomplished!  Join us in November

o Main building roof blown off and gutters cleaned
o Brush pile behind fire pit cross removed and area smoothed
o Children’s playground cleared of pine cones
o Area around Pastor Cally’s tree protected with cardboard weed mat and mulch
o Sand spread between MMG pavers and at both entrances to the narthex
o Pilgrim House hallway painted
o Bushes trimmed around property and buckets of weeds pulled
o Extra yellow sand spread on pathway that was also edged with mulch
o Portion of Wade Ave. along church’s property cleared of dirt along curb
o Patio doors thoroughly cleaned, including tracks
o Cobwebs removed from all windows
o Kitchen recycling bins emptied
o Mums planted
o Banner reinstalled on Pilgrim House
o VFH toilet gutted and rebuilt
o Broken aerator replaced on women’s restroom sink
o Unneeded equipment and wiring removed after Internet upgrade
o Bird’s nest removed from light fixture
o Three old tires removed from behind the Bryan-Berry Building and recycled