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Dear Congregation:

To plan for the winter months ahead, we are asking that you (and, separately, every person in your household who is able) respond to the Path Forward Survey by November 23 so that we can understand your ability and comfort level for returning to in-person activities. You may respond anonymously if you wish – all responses will be aggregated and reported in summary form only. We are asking for the opinions of all active participants in the life of our church – whether you are a member or a frequent visitor.

As we see some positive trends in vaccinations, infections, and hospitalizations, it’s important to get a sense of our community’s comfort level by offering more in-person activities.  As always, we’ll provide alternatives for those who are more comfortable participating in the life of the church electronically.

The answers to this survey will be one metric helping the Council plan activities that bring us together. In addition, the Path Forward Committee continues to monitor CDC recommendations, COVID-19 infection trends, and vaccination rates as well. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Moderator, Mike Cline (919-986-9440 or or Pastor Lacey Brown (239-849-0846 or

Link to survey:

Thank you for your responses!

Path Forward Committee