CUCC Stewardship Ministry
Resource Planning for 2024

This page will provide all the information you need about the stewardship campaign. When you fill out the pledge form and the time and talents survey you’ll be providing input for the preparation of next year’s budget and the membership of committees and ministries. This year, Stewardship will span three weeks, beginning October 8. Pledge Sunday is October 22.

Pledge Form
Community United Church of Christ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; donations are eligible for a tax deduction
Talk to the Assistant Treasurer if you would like to pay your pledge through automatic draft, donation of stocks, or transfer from your 401k.

Time and Talents Survey (printable)

Information on CUCC Ministries & Taskforces and Small Groups

A Letter from the Stewardship Ministry

Dear Members and Friends of Community United Church of Christ,

I’m Jim Oxenford, who recently replaced Joe Retzer as co-chair of the Stewardship Ministry. We all owe Joe our sincere gratitude for his leadership during and coming out of the pandemic. We wish Joe and Ann blessings and peace on their move to Maine to be close to family.

The United Church of Christ became even more endearing to me this past June as I attended General Synod in Indianapolis. The theme “Making All Things New” was well developed and each session was inspiring and uplifting. It reminded me of each time I step into Community UCC; smiling faces, great friends, wonderful music and inspiring sermons. We are so blessed to have this church and all it offers to each of us, no matter our age or abilities.

This year’s Stewardship Campaign will be in high gear in October as we provide you with more specifics on our budget and answer any questions you may have. “Let’s Do More” is the theme for this year’s pledge campaign period, Oct. 8-22. I always feel better when I do good for someone else and I believe you do too! “Let’s Do More…..” praying, thanking, singing, helping and giving! You fill in the blanks for you and your family.

As many of you know, we are under contract to sell the six-plex apartment building on O’Berry Street. The Stewardship Ministry wants to emphasize that the property sale will be considered additional capital income and that individual contributions will continue to fund our operational budget. We need your generous pledges to support our staff, facilities, programs and outreach. Through your financial giving, you are helping us live into our mission of extravagant welcome. We want to grow and share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone who walks through our doors. Your money, time, talent and prayers contribute to our flourishing faith community. Within the larger community, Do Justice and Community Outreach provide gifts to various organizations averaging over $15,000 annually. We can do more, if we have more to give.

Our staff is composed of six wonderfully talented people. The staff budget has increased 6% since 2022 and will increase again this year due to the Personnel Committee’s recommendations for cost-of-living increases. We have also made a commitment to our Associate Pastor to bring her retirement benefits to recommended levels. This blessing of our staff needs to be supported by our pledging units.

Our membership is currently 180 members and growing. The 74 pledges made last year averaged $3,820 per pledge. Let’s do more! Let’s exceed expectations and give with joy!

Now is the time to complete your pledge card, either online at or by mailing the enclosed card to the church or placing it in the offering plate by Sunday, October 22. The Stewardship Ministry will take the pledge information and begin to dream and build the budget for 2024. We’ve also enclosed a Time and Talent Survey for you to read, prayerfully contemplate and consider volunteering in an area important to you.

We are a small yet mighty congregation that’s making a difference. Please prayerfully consider what you can contribute to our congregation in time, talent and treasure.

Thank you!

Your Stewardship Ministry,
Jim Oxenford & Jason Myers (co-chairs), Bill Lamb, Jeanne Ledbetter,
Mike Cline, Vivian Hunter, Ken Bianco, Lavon Page