CUCC Stewardship Ministry
Resource Planning for 2022

This page will provide all the information you need about the stewardship campaign. When you fill out the pledge form and the time and talents survey you’ll be providing input for the preparation of next year’s budget and the membership of committees and ministries.

Pledge Form

Time and Talents Survey (printable)

A Letter from the Stewardship Ministry

Dear Members and Friends of Community United Church of Christ:

This letter introduces our stewardship campaign for the calendar year 2022 budget.

Thank you for continuing your faithful giving and volunteering of time and talent during this second year of the pandemic. Your financial commitment is enabling us once again to fund all our salaries, community outreach and social justice donations, our gift to the UCC Southern Conference, our church ministries, and the upkeep, repair and maintenance of our buildings and grounds. We have also been able to provide a new ministry on Sunday mornings, enabling us to provide both in-person worship and the capability to stream services to remote worshipers.

And during the second half of this year, we have begun the process of coming back together for shared in person experiences. We have done this through worship, fellowship, and volunteer work efforts at the Women’s Shelter and our building and grounds. Also, the Deacons and Caring Committee have been active in supporting all of us who have physical and spiritual needs.

We have all been affected differently by the pandemic. Some have lost jobs or other sources of income and may find it difficult to maintain or increase giving. Others may have benefitted by a stimulus payment or reduced spending for entertainment or restaurant meals. If you are able, please consider increasing your pledge for next year, as we expect some increases for salaries, streaming costs, and needed building repairs.

Why give generously to CUCC? We give generously because in God’s compassion God has given so generously to us. Through our giving to CUCC, we can support our loving community and advance the cause of social justice in Wake County and the world. In addition, giving well makes us feel happy, knowing that we have contributed toward bringing the Kingdom of God into this world.

All resources related to this year’s stewardship campaign are conveniently located on the CUCC website at You may pledge by mailing the included pledge card to the church, or by pledging through the members area on the website. You do not need to be a member of CUCC to pledge support. Please remember to pledge on or before Sunday, November 7, which is our Stewardship Sunday this year. If you have any questions about how to pledge, please contact Jeanne Ledbetter, our Assistant Treasurer, at

You will also want to attend one of our Tuesday night Stewardship Dinners, being held on October 5, 12, and 19 in the CUCC courtyard. Just us for food (provided), fellowship, games, and a brief stewardship message. RSVP with Pastor Lacey,

In addition to financial support, most of us support CUCC through our time and talents as well. Volunteer to be on a ministry or committee, join the choir, come to a bible study, or help at workdays or with socials. Please print and fill out the Time and Talent survey and return it with your pledge.

Your Stewardship Ministry,

Joe Retzer, Chairman, Bill Lamb, Jeanne Ledbetter, Carol Clark, Jason Myers, Lavon Page, Paul Atkinson, Michael Cline, and Vivian Hunter