NewsCome to PoP: CUCC's Party of Parties on June 3

FAQ’s about PoP, our Party of Parties

How will the PoP evening work?

$5 entry (whether you are present at PoP or use a proxy) includes a raffle ticket. We’ll mingle, nosh appetizers, choose where to use our raffle ticket, and peruse parties, signing up as we go for the first half hour. You would benefit from having your own calendar of summer plans on hand so you can choose wisely from our donated summer activities and events.  The list of parties (including one on Zoom) is below.

Then get ready to play games (including heads or tails and the cake walk) with our new emcees, Ryan & Beth, at the helm. Surprises in store!

Can my kids come?

Absolutely.  We hope youth and older children will enjoy the games and silliness, and might find a party or two they want to attend.  Younger children are welcome to “help” their parents with the cake walk or heads or tails.  This is a fun night for all ages.

What if I can’t make it to the PoP evening on June 3?

Proxies! Ask Bill Lamb  to assign you a proxy who can come to PoP and purchase your party tickets.  The entry fee is the same whether you use a proxy or attend online ($5) and your proxy will decide where to use your free, included raffle ticket..

For about a week after PoP, we will keep the lists open for any remaining tickets for the summer parties. You can sign up in the fellowship hall or contact Jeff Cole, our communications manager, at

What is the Cake Walk?

A cake walk is a throw-back game where winners take home delicious baked goods prepared by some of CUCC’s talented (and very generous) bakers.  To participate, you buy a $5 ticket for each cake walk.  Don’t worry if you can’t picture it… we’ll explain at PoP.

What is Heads or Tails?

Participants guess whether a coin toss is heads or tails.  We whittle the successful guessers down until only one is left and that person wins a surprise.  Purchase your $10 ticket at PoP to participate in this rapid paced and laugh-filled game, a CUCC tradition.

When will I pay for my entry (in VFH or a proxy), cake walk and heads or tails tickets, and party tickets?

At the PoP (or, if you have a proxy representing you, in the week following the party).  You can pay by cash, check or CUCC’s online giving app Breeze.  Remember to bring your method of payment with you (as well as your calendar to help you select which parties you want to attend).

Why are we having PoP?

As our annual auction is moving to the fall and many donated events occur over the summer, PoP will serve to capture our summer plans together. Fundraising is a key income source to meet CUCC’s budget and we like to make it as fun as possible. Thanks for your participation!!

Buy a ticket to any of these parties at PoP