News802 Dixie

The house we own at 802 Dixie Trail is now vacant. After repairs and new paint, Eliseo will move in. Many people at CUCC know Eliseo’s story. He has lived in sanctuary at Umstead Park UCC since 2017. He now has a work permit and a driver’s license. He is ready to claim his independence and move into his own home. We are excited to help Eliseo out by renting our property to him.

Our Community Church Low Income Housing Cooperation (CCLIHC) works with Horizon Management Company to respond to the needs of our tenants. As Eliseo claims his freedom, we want to give him the space he needs to flourish. Even though Eliseo is a friend of the congregation, we want to practice good boundaries while he is living next door.

We don’t know what the future holds for Eliseo but we are hopeful that his path will be less hindered as he moves through the world with more liberty and ease.