NewsPhoto AlbumsA couple uses a handy grabber tool to fill a garbage can with trip hazard pine cones

Fifteen volunteers recently tackled a large list of projects to get our buildings and grounds in great shape for Easter.

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The pathway between the two parking lots was edged with treated lumber and outlined with “Chapel Hill grit.”

A mushy layer of decomposing pine straw was removed from the children’s playground, providing a firm footing for our youngest members.

Weeds were pulled, “volunteers” were wacked and barrels of pine cones and leaves were  picked up from around the property.  The roof was blown free of debris, windows and patio doors were washed, and drains were cleared around the main building.  Rubber cove molding was glued back into place in two of our restrooms.  Mulch was added to planting beds and white lines refreshed with new paint in one of our ADA parking spaces.

A new retaining wall was built next to the Pilgrim House ramp with another one to be created outside of the Wade Avenue parking lot entrance soon.  An environmental banner was hung on the side of the Pilgrim House to showcase our recent UCC award.

Our next workday is scheduled for June 8.  If you’d like to take on a project before then, please contact Property Ministry Chairperson Merrilee Jacobson at 919-274-4539.