What do these events have in common?  These are 3 of the 51 special sessions at the UCC’s General Synod!

Registration is open now.  Either sign up yourself, or watch GS33 with your pod, splitting the $100 cost for a week of inspiring worship, keynote speakers, and special events.

What else is on offer?


gatherings on physical and on WISE (mental health in the local church)

climate change panels

racial justice healing and advocacy (farming, research on healing from trauma, Pacific Islander Asian American Ministries)

the UCC and the UN

the UCC and the church in Germany

disaster response

religious literacy

meet and greets with our UCC seminaries, the ONA Coalition, and the UCC Pension Boards

an interfaith “dinner”

UCC data “happy hour”

Read the description of the 51 special events here and begin making your list of what you’d like to attend.