There are still spaces in both the on-Zoom and in-person discussion groups with Pastor Lacey of Valarie Kaur’s “See No Stranger:  A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love.” Because space is limited, please sign up here.

Sign up for in-person group (Tuesdays, starting April 27, 7-8 PM, Vaughan Fellowship Hall)

Sign up for on-Zoom group (Thursdays, starting April 29, 7-8 PM, on Zoom)

Four weeks of discussion + a bonus session for both groups combined on May 25, 7-8PM, location TBD

Reading for April 27 / April 29

In preparation for our discussion, please read the following:
Introduction xiii
Part I See no stranger: loving others

1 Wonder p. 7
2 Grieve p. 33
3 Fight p. 67

For more information, contact Pastor Lacey at