The Sunday Morning Bible Study is open to anyone in the community and at Community.  Please join us as we delve into Jesus and the Disinherited by Christian mystic, theologian, and inspiration for generations of justice activists.  We meet Sundays, 9:30-10:15AM on Zoom.

Howard Thurman is known as a 20th century mystic who inspired several generations of social justice activists through his writings and friendship.  Located within the African American Christian traditions, Thurman was a theologian, seminary professor, and religious leader.  He studied with Gandhi and became a spiritual mentor to Martin Luther King, Jr., and some of the founders of Sojourners.  With 2021 being the 4oth anniversary of his death, Thurman’s work and life are resurfacing in the writings and speeches of current activists in the racial justice and environmental justice movements.

Theoretically, these are the readings, but if a chapter draws lots of discussion, we will slow our pace.

June 6  Introduction, discussion led by Ellen Beidler and Robert Parrish

June 13   Chapter 1: Jesus An Interpretation, discussion led by John Little

June 20 Chapter 2: Fear; discussion led by Ellen Beidler

June 27 Chapter 3: Deception; discussion led by Bill Lamb

July 4 Chapter 5: Love; discussion led by Adrienne Little

July 11 Chapter 4: Hate; discussion led by Robert Parrish

July 18  Epilogue and the whole book; discussion led by Joan McAllister

Here are links to the video Ellen had available, but didn’t show and the Krista Tippett interview with Vincent Harding who wrote the forward.

History of Christian Spirituality: Howard Thurman – Bing video

On Being with Krista Tippett: Vincent Harding — Is America Possible? on Apple Podcasts

Ellen also found a public domain version of the book you can download here:
Jesus And The Disinherited : Howard Thurman : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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