Newsseekers class week 1

After sharing an opening ritual, we introduced ourselves by offering up what we are seeking or looking for in this class. We then explored the concept of the Trinity and recognized it as doctrine that arose from the early church’s wrestling with mystery. We also explored that the Trinity is a concept that we can find new depths to every time we examine it. We were shown a diagram that helped explain the connections and relationships within the Trinity.

We dove deeper by exploring six different scripture readings, asking how each reading draws us into the mystery of the Trinity.
The readings were:

    Matthew 3:16–17
    Matthew 28:18-20
    John 1:1–5
    2 Corinthians 13:14
    Ephesians 4:4-6
    Proverbs 8:1-3, 22-32

We acknowledged that for each participant personally, there may be names or words from our faith that are healing or helpful and names or words that are challenging or problematic. We explored some of these together.

We were invited to engage in a spiritual practice throughout the week. One you create or one from the list below. What spiritual practice might best stretch and grow your faith this week?
Spiritual Practice Suggestions:

  1. How much more can we say about Divine Energy if we don’t use words? This week, take yourself on a photo journey in your yard, garden, downtown, arboretum, church building or grounds, and look for Images of Divine Parent/Child/Spirit (one or all three – individually or together). You’re invited to text or email to Santi 1-5 to share with the larger congregation at our Easter morning breakfast.
  2. As you pray this week practice using a different name for God/The Divine than you usually use.
  3. Practice radical empathy for yourself. Even though it may be inconvenient, slow down and get in touch with the center of your own heart, risk the pain of being present with the depths of your feelings and let that be a place of connection to God. Listen for God’s still small voice. You might write a letter to God/The One Who Is More asking for what you want, for what you are seeking most, what does your tender heart need or want most? Or, you might write a letter to yourself from The Divine. What does God want for you?
  4. Make a venn diagram on a piece of paper with three interlocking circles – one for Parent/God/Creator, one for Child/Jesus/Christ, and one for the Holy Spirit. Using your own journal, scripture readings, ideas shared today, and any other knowledge and experience you have, fill in the diagram, noting characteristics of each aspect of the Trinity. Notice where they overlap for you.
  5. Journal by finishing the sentence “This I believe… you can write about God/Divine Energy, Spirit, Jesus, your spiritual journey, etc. Whatever you feel like exploring. Write for 2 minutes – whatever comes to mind without taking pen or pencil off the paper. Once the 2 minutes is up, put down pens/pencils. (It will be interesting to notice how these ideas might shift or expand over the next 40 days.)