Been vaccinated?  Add your purple ribbon in gratitude.

As we learn of friends and family who have received their vaccination, we are delighting in the connections.  Connections between those who have been vaccinated and those who are waiting. Between those who make vaccination possible and those who receive it with gratitude.  Whether you are a person of deeply held faith or of no faith, you are welcome to join us in a ritual of connection centered around what is for us a symbol of God’s love for the world.

The reimagining of a ritual of connection

Community UCC has long had a tradition of decorating an Easter cross with flowers from our yards. The cross comes to life on Easter Sunday with our collection of blossoms. This year, this long and strange year, we hold a hope of vaccination against COVID-19 along with our hopes for Christ’s message of love to come fully into the world. The journey through Lent to Easter’s message takes on new shades of meaning. We will display our cross for the entire season, from Ash Wednesday to Easter. It will start out as a bare cross, displayed in the courtyard on Ash Wednesday, February 17.

Tie a purple ribbon during Lent

You’re invited to tie a purple ribbon to the cross as you receive your COVID vaccination. Over the 40 days, we hope to see the cross fill with purple ribbons as a sign of a return to life. Ribbon will be in a box near the cross and you are invited to tie a ribbon to commemorate your receiving the vaccine. Those of us who aren’t vaccinated yet will still share in the anticipation of Easter.

Bring flowers for Easter

As we near Easter morning, you are invited to bring flowers from home to put in a bucket of water near the cross (any time from Good Friday, April 2nd until 4PM on Holy Saturday, April 3). Our Sacraments and Chancel ministry will affix the flowers to fill the cross as our expression of love fulfilled on Easter morning.

This opportunity for gratitude and delight is open to anyone in the community.  The grounds are open from 8am to 5pm.

For more information about this interactive installation, contact Pastor Lacey Brown at

Seeking deeper and lasting connections?