NewsPoP! It's a Party of Parties! Donate your summer event or party by May 14. Come to the PoP! Buy tickets for other parties (many price points and activities offered)

CUCC’s Party of Parties will raise needed funds for our annual budget AND raise lots of fun as we fill our calendars with social events that will take place over the summer. Summer events are hosted by individual CUCC friends.

Use this link to donate your summer activity

Right now, we’re looking for folks to plan and host a gathering that will take place sometime between the middle of June and the middle of September.  Please choose a specific date so your event can fit into your guests’ summer plans.  Think about what you might offer: a movie night in your backyard, a hike in the woods, a picnic at the park, a summer canning class, an elegant wine tasting or meal. By May 14, we will need folks to submit any gathering they plan to host.

If you need help finding just the right date or description for your event, please reach out to Susan Atkinson at

Then, on June 3 from 6-8PM, all are invited to come to PoP to enjoy an evening of perusing the list of parties and buying tickets to attend these summer events. We’ll also have some fun playing games together. Look for new hosts for our evening of fun and games! Hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine will be served. Childcare provided. $5 fee to enter comes with a raffle ticket. There’s talk of a cake walk! Stay tuned for more details and thanks for taking this opportunity to contribute to fundraising at CUCC!

If you are inspired to host a social event, consider the following:

  • Your event can be held in any location you’d like to arrange – perhaps your home, a park or at church (just check with Jeff Cole regarding the calendar and reserving a room)
  • Your event can be for as few as 4 people and for as many as your venue and activity will accommodate
  • Stewardship  Ministry will help you think about the price to charge per person for your event

PoP is a new thing! Our PoP evening will be be full of surprises and promises to be an evening you won’t want to miss!