NewsBring your device, a libation, your musings, and a sense of humor to Life & Faith

Yes, friends, we are FINALLY going to gather (on Zoom) for Life & Faith.

Here is our topic: What support do you need from the ever-changing Life & Faith crew for your 2022 intersection of life & faith?

Each of you takes living your faith (however you understand it) seriously.

What do you see coming at you in 2022 for which you’d like our support? What about your own faith/life inconsistencies do you think God is calling you to tackle? What exactly do you want from us in this moment?

You don’t have to bare all. Whether your request is that we be praying as you address an undescribed challenge or you want our help brainstorming something in detail, this is your opportunity to let us be your church.

What is Life & Faith?

Sometimes a change of location and a libation improve the conversation.

Life & Faith began in a local brewery and hopes to return there one day when the COVID-19 numbers drop.  Questions for discussion arise from the group as each of us tries to figure out how to put into practice what we believe.  We talk about family, work, community.  We don’t always agree; we do laugh together. If no one has a question that night, Jane Smith brings a back up question to start the discussion.

What is said at Life & Faith stays at Life & Faith!  We seek to be a brave place for one another.

This is a fluid group and friends are welcome – just drop in!  We meet on 1st Tuesdays, 7-8PM, currently on Zoom.  When gathering at a pub, discussion starts at 7PM, so arrive by 6:30 if you want to order food (each person covers their own purchases).  We try to model God’s generosity by tipping well, whether we order water or a full meal.  The discussion wraps up at 8PM.

How can I attend?

Jane Smith sends a monthly topic reminder which includes the Zoom link or real life location; to be added to that email, contact her at  The topic also appears in the CUCC News & Events the week before, and the Zoom link in the CUCC Online Events email.