NewsSewer repair completed

The sewer pipe that services the Vaughan Fellowship Hall restrooms and church kitchen has finally been repaired.

The Property Ministry investigated various options for addressing the 46-year-old cracked cast iron pipe and decided to have it lined rather than replaced. This avoided digging up the entire north end of the Dixie Trail parking lot and breaking through two handicap parking pads and part of a sidewalk. Instead, contractors from Richmond, Virginia, dug a much smaller hole in the parking lot, cut through a small section of the pipe, cleaned it thoroughly and then pushed a liner through it that was later hardened with water. The finished product resembles PVC, the material that would have been used to replace the cast-iron pipe in the more traditional process.

The nearly $17,000 repair cost was covered by the church’s capital repair budget.

If you have weekday time free  and can meet contractors every now and then for future repairs or maintenance visits, please contact Property Chair Merrilee Jacobson


The liner material arrives as a flattened tube in a roll.  It is inserted in the pipe and blown open.