NewsCUCC has a children's library

Our church library is full of many incredibly useful, educational, inspiring books on so many interesting subjects: memoirs, world concerns, racism, spiritual health, psychology, grief, death, biblical scholarship, prayer, meditation, women’s issues, youth etc.  Check out the shelves under the issues that interest you.

We have books for children

The Retzer family has generously donated over 75 children’s books that were a part of Ann’s personal collection. They are arranged in the bookcase under the picture as you enter the library.
The Children’s Library is now open for your enjoyment.

How to check out books

Please use the library – you may simply place your name, date, and titles of the books you are borrowing in a notebook under the artwork in the library (between the two windows). When you return them, cross off your name.

May I donate wonderful books?

Yes!  Bring books you think others at CUCC would enjoy to Peg Hulslander, CUCC’s Librarian.  Please hand them to Peg; don’t just leave them in the library.

CUCC is grateful for all the additional books that have been donated, including the recent children’s and adults’ books donated by the Retzers.  Your donated books may be added to our library collection or placed in the Little Library located near the parking lot driveway on Dixie Trail.

May your summer include lots of reading.

-submitted by Peg Hulsander, CUCC’s Librarian