NewsPostcard to NC Utilities Commission says to "prioritize clean energy in NC"

This Sunday, June 2, look for Gary Smith in the fellowship hall after worship and before the “Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement” Panel.  Gary will have postcards for you to sign to the North Carolina Utilities Commission.  If you will not be on campus in worship this week, contact Gary by email before June 2, noon, to ask him to fill out a postcard for you.  (Needed:  Name, City, Zip, Email- optional, Mobile phone- optional)

What does the postcard say?

Dear NC Utilities Commission,

We urge the NC Utilities Commission to reject Duke Energy’s Carbon Plan proposal and instead direct the utility to implement a plan that emphasizes clean energy generation to keep energy costs reliable and affordable while meeting the state’s carbon reduction goals.  The Utilities Commission should approve a Carbon Plan that prioritizes reliable, affordable clean energy that meets the state’s carbon reduction goals like solar, wind, and energy storage technologies.  Sincerely, (your name)

The Do Justice Ministry approved the postcard signature table.  Postcards are produced by the NC Conservation Network.  For more information, contact Gary Smith at