NewsA person is signing a letter to Duke Energy's board members as part of our Carbon Covenant for Our Buildings.

On August 20, come to the fellowship hall after worship to sign your name to a letter to the board members of Duke Energy.  Or, if you worship online, get in touch with Jane Smith to sign by email.

As part of our Carbon Covenant for Our Buildings, we agreed to advocate for changes that would reduce the greenhouse gases produced by the energy we use in our buildings.  We know that we can’t reach our CO2e reduction goals unless our electricity provider, Duke Energy, also moves quickly to net zero emissions.

CUCC’s Justice in a Changing Climate has written a letter for you to sign.  Copies will be mailed to each Duke Energy board member.  We will also enclose photos of some of our people pointing to changes we have already made in our building to reduce our use of electricity and natural gas.  We are doing our part; they must do theirs.

Those who worship online can ask Jane to email you the letter and then you can ask to have your name added by emailing Jane Smith at  We plan to get the letters in the mail by August 27.

If you would like to be involved in CUCC’s climate justice work, contact Gary Smith at  If you have questions about the Carbon Covenant for Our Buildings, contact Jane Smith at