NewsThe March 12 session will include a presentation by the cash bail reform coalition started at CUCC.

The Southern Conference of the UCC is holding a 6 week Lenten Series Season called “Six Methods to Healing”.  Even if you haven’t attended the first three weeks, join virtually Gary Smith and others from CUCC at the March 12 session.  You may find you want to return for the final 2 sessions:  Exercise & Movement and Rest & Sleep.

The series runs every Tuesday from February 20th – March 26th from 7 pm to 8 pm.
Various aspects of healing will be addressed by the presenters who will provide opportunities to address some of the conditions, including injustices, that negate the healing process.

The sessions are:
1. Healing through Divine Prayer – “Our Connection with God” (Feb. 20th)
2. Healing through Transformative Thinking & Scripture – “Eliminating Shame, Guilt and Regret through Forgiveness” (Feb. 27th)
3. Healing through the Foods We Eat (March 5th)
4. Healing through Service – “How Serving Others Heals Others” (March 12) –

This session will be presented by the cash bail reform coalition started at Community UCC. The presentation will emphasize how the current system harms low wealth people and how healing can come from its reform.

5. Healing through Exercise & Movement (March 19th)
6. Healing through Rest & Sleep (March 26th)

The Zoom Link will be the same for each week:
Telephone: +1 301 715 8592 US
Webinar ID: 845 1394 0599

Submitted by CUCC’s Cash Bail Bond Reform group.  To be part of this work, contact Adrienne Little at