NewsSign up for the summer season of the Black Farmers to Churches CSA now

Beginning June 19 (Monday) you can sign up for produce and/or eggs for the 8-week summer season of our Black Farmers to Churches CSA.

Sign up window:  June 19 – July 3  Do not try to sign up before Monday June 19.

Produce delivery:  July 8 – August 26 (8 weeks)

Some of you purchased “gift” shares last year.  That was beautiful!  Thank you.  Please feel free to do this again if you wish; the gifts were greatly appreciated.  For details, talk to Gary Smith.

We have grown so much in these last two years.  The produce variety has grown beautifully, we continue to grow closer as community. New churches and new farmers are joining:  Hayes Barton UM and Fairport Farm are latest.

How to sign up

Blueberries, sweet potatoes and zucchini - a half share one summer week

A typical half share of produce


Purchase options:  You may purchase a full share, a half share, or find a partner to split a half share.

Farmer:  Ken Daniel of the Singing Stream Farm

Delivery:  Saturdays, 11 AM to noon at CUCC, July 8 – August 26

Sign up window:  Sign up online at the Farm’s website  beginning June 19 through July 3 here.

Cost:  Price remains the same at $125 for a ½ share and $250 for a full share.  If you decide to split a half share, decide with your partner which of you will place the order.

How to pay:  You can pay by check, credit or debit card. If paying by check, when you get to payment press the dropdown arrow and select check.

Checks are mailed to:

Singing Stream Farm, 2693 Horseshoe Rd.,Creedmoor, NC 27522

Attn: Ken Daniel


Purchase options:  1/4 share = one dozen eggs per month; 1/2 share = two dozen eggs per month; full share = one dozen shares per week

A dozen eggs from white to blue to brown from Lakay Farms

Lakay Farms eggs are colorful and tasty.

Farmers:  Dulime & Myrlande Saint-Jean of Lakay Farm

Delivery:  Saturdays, 11 AM to noon at CUCC, July 8 – August 26  (Ken Daniel will bring the eggs when he brings his produce.)

Sign up window:  Sign up online at the Farm’s website  beginning June 19 through July 3 here

Cost:  $6 per dozen

How to pay:  Pay via the Lakay Farm website

Why is CUCC part of a CSA?

Farmers of color in the United States endure systemic racism within the food system that causes significant and consistent social, economic, and political harm.  Community UCC along with 9 other churches in Wake County has sought to help address this by developing a Black Farmer to Churches “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) with several local farmers.  This enables the farmers to create an additional, stable source of income, access new local market(s), and create mutually-beneficial economic partnerships with faith communities.  It also enables the churches to increase food security through improved access to fresh, healthy foods and providing hunger relief for consistently vulnerable populations.

It is an honor for us to be part of this endeavor which is so much more than food, though the food part is great, too!!  Indeed we have become a family, sharing joys, concerns, ideas and hands.  The farmers and church reps meet (virtually) the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, and these meetings are very moving and full of laughter!   (Join us Wednesdays if you like.)

For more information, contact Gary Smith –


If a share is too much food, you can find a partner to alternate weeks or donate weeks you are traveling or the whole season.