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As you know, CUCC is keeping about as much CO2 from the air by composting through Compost Now as we are with our solar panels! Awesome.

As a country, we have got to compost more though.  For example, right now, just over 5% of compost facilities nationwide accept food scraps*.

This has to change, and there is a bill in Congress to help: H. R. 4443.   The bill provides critical funding to expand New composting and Collection programs across the US and the development of more markets for the finished compost.  And it recognizes composting as a conservation practice making compost use eligible for reimbursement for farmers who use compost to improve soil and sequester carbon.

This is a good bill that Compost Now supports.

How can you show your support for H. R. 4443?

Visit to tell your US House Rep to support the bill.   Then post your support to social media.

Thanks for all that you do!

God’s blessing.
Gary Smith
For the JCC

* the 2017 BioCycle survey: Food Scrap Collection in the U.S.


Thank you for our biggest compost month ever. For the month of July, we recorded 502 pounds!


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