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What are your tried and true prayer practices?  How do you keep prayer from getting stale?  Do you have different practices to which you turn for different moments of prayer (intercession, thanksgiving, enjoying God’s presence, supplication, healing)?  Is there a practice you have tried that isn’t right for you (now) but might be just the thing for someone else?  Who are the prayer resource (music, breath prayers, art, etc.) creators who are your “go to” people?  How do you pray spontaneously and how as a regular discipline?  Speaking of discipline, how do you move yourself to show up for prayer in your busy day?

Let’s swap ideas for prayer practices at the June 7 Life & Faith, on Zoom, 7PM.  Kuddos to Amanda for this idea.

Life & Faith is for whoever drops in – whether a CUCC regular or your first interaction with CUCC.  Whoever shows up gathers on first Tuesdays to exchange ideas and experiences as we each try to figure out how our faith influences our life and vice versa.  While we hope someday to get back to a local brewery or pub, for now we are on Zoom.  Contact Jane Smith for the Zoom link or check the Monday Online Events email.