In 2015, we installed a 9.2 kW solar array on our fellowship roof. That array now supplies about ½ of our electricity for the church main building and keeps over 6 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

Here’s the 2020 solar terrific part!

Since the church buildings were used less in 2020, in April, May, June, July, October, November and December of 2020, we paid for no electricity our main building Duke Energy bill, and over the entire year, the solar array produced 85 % of the electricity for this building! Wow!


In 2018, we began subscribing to a composting service. We put CUCC fellowship hour and other church compost in the bin, and we encourage you to bring your compost from home and put it in the bin. The church and individuals have been strong supporters, and to date, we have diverted 10,000 pounds of organic matter from the landfill, generated 2500 pounds of great compost and prevented the production of 1300 pounds of methane. Thank you!

Here’s the 2020 composting terrific part.

Since we did not have fellowship hour for much of the year, we expected to collect less compost in 2020. But you continued bringing compost from your homes to church, and indeed our monthly compost INCREASED 40% since the start of COVID-19! Wow! Well done, CUCC!

Here’s the 2020 combined solar and composting terrific part.

Our composting now keeps 90% as much CO2 from the air as our solar panels, so overall we keep about 12 tons of CO2 from the air every year!

Here’s an important composting refresher

Our compost facility, Compost Now, takes many things, including veggies, meat, bones, compostable cups and plates, and pizza boxes!! Wow!
They do not take plastic clam shells, etc, unless the piece specifically says “compostable” on it. Here is a link to more details.

You are doing a great job!! Keep it up and do more!!!

For more information about our solar array or industrial composting at Community UCC, contact Gary Smith, chair of Justice in a Changing Climate,