NewsThank you for your support

Dear CUCC Friends, 

After my mom’s passing and as the memorial service for her approached, the beautiful community that is CUCC surrounded me and my family with such love, warmth, and care. My heart is full-to-overflowing with gratitude for our church, the caring committee, and all who have supported us in this time of personal loss and grief. The meals you all provided fed our family several times: the chicken casserole was comforting like mother love, the soup was extra-delicious, the sandwich bar was a genius idea, the macaroni salad a perfect accompaniment, the pineapple and beautiful salads kept us healthy and rounded out the meals, the breakfast baked goods and cookies were just right, and the buttermilk pie was, well – sweet as pie yummy! The cards and notes of sympathy touched our hearts and the number of CUCC guests at Mom’s service moved me deeply. You all are the love that’s carrying me this week and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.