NewsA work day volunteer empties a big can of weeds into the trailer heading to the yard waste center.

The rain held off at the September work day, and an enthusiastic group of volunteers filled an entire trailer with cuttings from bushes and trees. A couple of barrels of pinecones were added as well. In addition, the refrigerator, freezer and ice trays were given a thorough cleaning along with the wood around the sanctuary communion cup holders. An unneeded bulletin board was removed from the main hallway where new artwork will soon appear to brighten that space.

The final 2022 work day will be held on Saturday, November 5, but projects are always available by calling Property Ministry chairperson Merrilee Jacobson at 919-274-4539.

Here’s a “did you know” fact.

An hour of volunteer time is valued at $29.95, so the September work day was ”worth” at least $720. Our volunteers are, of course, priceless, but it does show what CUCC might have to pay to hire this important work done.