Each month, CUCC’s Caring Committee gathers to pray and discuss ways to support members experiencing various kinds of challenges. At the end of each meeting, the committee selects a “Person of the Month” who has positively impacted the congregation and its ministries. A card is sent to offer thanks on behalf of CUCC.

This month, the committee decided that the entire congregation needs to be recognized for its incredible response to the pandemic. Congratulations to our “People of the Month!” Because of YOU, our church family has drawn closer while continuing to support and even broaden its ministries. Since March 2020, YOU have embraced a totally new online worship environment. YOU have found ways to safely pray together, mourn together and celebrate together. YOU have welcomed a new pastor and helped to empower her ministry among us.

YOU are amazing and worthy of praise. Congratulations, CUCC “People of the Month”!

The Caring Committee
Robert Parrish, Chairperson