NewsBook cover for Afro-Christian Convention edited by Rev. Dr. Yvonne V. Delk. Discussion August 11 and 18, 9-10AM. Start reading now

Recently, there has been some discussion of the Afro-Christian Convention, the recently-recognized fifth stream of the United Church of Christ. For a deeper understanding of this monumental topic, Rev. Robert Parrish and Jane Smith invite you to study and discussion of the book The Afro-Christian Convention:  The Fifth Stream of the United Church of Christ, edited by  Rev. Dr. Yvonne Delk. The slim volume of nine essays gives a well-rounded and thorough perspective of this fifth stream and its impact on the United Church of Christ, especially here in the Southern Conference of the UCC..

Book discussion

Sundays, August 11 and 18, 9:00 to 10:00 AM

Bridge Room

Ordering your book to begin reading now; RSVP, please

You can order a paperback copy of the book through Pilgrim Press or an eBook via Kindle.This publication costs around $25.00. If there is any one who cannot financially afford the book, please contact Pastor Śānti Matthews who will see how she might assist you.

It is encouraged that you order The Afro-American Convention and begin reading now.  RSVP to Robert by July 16 that you plan to attend to help with our planning.

Supplementary field trip:  Franklinton Center Day, August 3

To build excitement for our discussions, you are encouraged to attend Franklinton Center Day which will take place on Saturday, August 3rd. This is a day of fun and fellowship. The Franklin Center at Bricks is a retreat, community service, education center, and historic archive with roots in the Afro-Christian Convention.   The Center is affiliated with the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ and is located in Whitakers, NC, about an hour’s drive from CUCC. Information about this event and possible carpooling will be forthcoming from the Do Justice Ministry.  Watch the newsletter for details.

Jane and Robert truly hope that you join this book study as it will help us to more fully embrace the United Church of Christ.