NewsAeri, our cartoon aerobic bacterium, tells us to compost pizza boxes. Never put them in the recycling bin.

Pizza boxes are a wonderful source of nutrition for Aeri, the aerobic bacterium who turns our compostables into nutritious soil for local farmers.  Absolutely, put pizza boxes in CUCC’s compost bin, though be sure to remove the plastic “Barbie table” first, tossing it in the landfill trashcan.

Pizza boxes are a terrible source for making new paper items because they have food stains which mess with the production process.  That is why we cannot put pizza boxes in the City of Raleigh’s recycling bin.  Ever.  No matter how clean you think they are. (source)

Thank you for helping us keep our compostables in the compost bin and our recyclables in the recycling bin.

-a note from Jane Smith of CUCC’s Justice in a Changing Climate group