Ever been to a UCC General Synod?  Me, neither.  But this year we can attend virtually.  I’ll be keeping you informed of what is happening to “our” cash bail bond resolution as it makes its way to General Synod, and how we can participate virtually in exciting sessions with UCCers from across the country.

Reform Bail Bond logoWhen “our” cash bail bond reform resolution goes to General Synod this year, it will go through a process with four new rulesThe resolution, now under the care of the Southern Conference (at our request), is one of 11 to be presented this year. This year, “the broad topics include race and ethnic relations, criminal justice, environmentalism, gender disparities, and UCC character and polity,” according to staff member Kevin Peterson.

One opportunity which is also a requirement is that we must lead a conversation on how settings like congregations and Conferences might implement the resolution.  This conversation is a part of Synod.  If you would like to be part of preparing that conversation, talk to Adrienne Little (her contact info is in Breeze).

Read more about the new process for resolutions here.

Mark your calendar for July 11-18, 2021.  Because General Synod is virtual this year, you can gather with UCCers from across the country without leaving home.  You’ll want to hear some of the amazing speakers, participate in worship, go to the virtual exhibit hall, and be part of the excitement.

submitted by Jane Smith, CUCC Historian  smithjeg@mindspring.com