Tuesdays, February 23-March 23, 6:30-7:30PM, Zoom.

Author Ross Gay

Author Ross Gay, from http://www.rossgay.net/about

Is joy a calling, precisely in a moment like this? Let’s practice watching for moments of delight in our daily lives and share them with one another weekly. It may seem odd to discover joy during this solemn season, but Ross Gay, writer and English professor at Indiana University, would say that joy and Lent are uniquely related. He feels that the temporary nature of our human condition allows us to find delight in all sorts of places. Inspired by his collection of essays, The Book of Delights, you’re invited to watch for delight in one area of your life each week and then share what you noticed with church friends through writing, storytelling, or poetry.

Facilitated by Śānti Matthews.

Members of the community are welcome.  For more information or to receive the Zoom Meeting ID, contact Śānti at education.cucc@gmail.com.  The Zoom information will be in the Saturday Zoom email, too.