NewsA prison hallway of dark cells, the hallway light by a single bulb

During Sunday fellowship in April, the Do Justice Ministry will offer everyone the chance to ask Governor Roy Cooper to commute the death sentences of the 136 people currently on North Carolina’s death row so that those people will not be executed. Although North Carolina has not executed anyone since 2006, the State continues to seek to enforce the death penalty, and the road to relief from a death sentence in court is difficult. Thus, the end of Governor Cooper’s term will be a critical opportunity to persuade him to avoid imposing a punishment that the United Church of Christ has formally opposed since 1969. For more information, read here and here.

Additionally, everyone will have the chance to ask Governor Cooper to allow the early release of three men who have been incarcerated for sixteen years for the robbery of a church committed when the men were eighteen to twenty years old. Without a Governor’s intervention, the men will serve de facto life-without-parole sentences despite having shown extraordinary growth, redemption, and rehabilitation while in prison. For more information, read here.

If you would like to print your own postcards, click here. If you have access to heavy-duty paper, you can print it double-sided, cut it into four postcards, give one set to a friend, and mail them. Please remember to sign below the message and to write your name and mailing address on the back side. You can also put the text into a document and mail it in an envelope to the address listed. Thank you!

If you have any questions, contact Chris Heaney  at If you’re unable to attend fellowship in person but still want to participate or have questions before deciding whether to participate, Chris will be happy to talk to you.